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Sappington Same Day Crowns - Single Visit Dental Restorations

A crown, also known as a cap, is a tooth-shaped cover that is placed over your natural tooth. Crowns are necessary when one or more teeth become weakened due to dental trauma or poor oral hygiene. 

Crowns restore the shape, size, and durability of your natural tooth, allowing your dentition as a whole to obtain optimal functionality. With recent innovations, it has become even easier to receive these restorations. At Todd J. Wind, DDS, you can receive crowns in a single day thanks to our in-office dental lab. Customized to your aesthetic and functional needs, our crowns seamlessly blend with the smile. 

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Benefits of Same Day Crowns

Same-day crowns restore your teeth, but are made in a single day and then attached to your tooth or teeth. Rather than wait weeks to receive your restorations—as you would with traditional dental crowns—same day crowns are created in one sitting.

Using our very own dental laboratory, and relying on his years of training, Dr. Wind takes impressions of your teeth and uses advanced technology to customize the restoration that you need. The convenience of having a laboratory within arms-reach of his practice allows Dr. Wind to be in full control of their quality, granting patients comfortable and beautiful restorations. Rather than tolerate the pace of slower dental labs, Dr. Wind offers efficient treatment, giving patients the chance to return to daily activities much quicker. Veneers and dentures are also crafted using our in-house lab, depending on your individual needs.

Efficiently Restoring Your Smile

There are several reasons why you may receive a dental cap. Large cavities, root canals and other forms of trauma typically require a crown to correct the problem properly. To determine your candidacy for same-day crowns, Dr. Wind performs an examination to understand the condition you are facing. Afterward, he takes impressions before milling your restoration. 

After your restorative procedure is completed, the crown is attached and adjusted for comfort and appearance. If it requires shading to better match the rest of your teeth. While the crown is finished, our dental team keeps you comfortable. With the crown cemented in place, patients may return to their daily activities and enjoy the benefits of their durable restoration for some time. 

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Our dental team is proud to offer quality crown work in Sappington. When you require dental care to address trauma or teeth pain, Todd J. Wind, DDS, provides relief and dental solutions.