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Root Canals Treatment & Therapy in Sappington, MO - Stop Intense Tooth Pain Today - Endodontics

Root canal therapy is an important procedure that protects your oral health. Todd J. wind, DDS, provides gentle care when performing root canals at his Sappington practice. By providing custom treatment plans to restore your tooth, our practice relieves discomfort and makes your tooth whole again. With our in-house lab, your crown is designed and fabricated with skill and efficiency.

Do you have a toothache or thermal sensitivity? Contact Todd J. Wind, DDS, for a dental appointment. If your tooth requires a root canal, we are happy to help you obtain comfortable treatment. 

Why do I Need Root Canal Therapy?

Tooth decay, if untreated, can advance beyond your typical dental cavity. After compromising outer dental enamel, bacteria spread into inner tooth structures, infecting dental pulp. Symptoms that indicate decay has spread include sensitivity to pressure, temperature, and constant dental discomfort. A root canal relieves patients of their pain and protects their tooth from further infection, which could progress to the jaw bone.

This conservative treatment preserves as much natural tooth structure as possible, enhancing its lasting function and health benefits. With full-service root canal treatment at our practice, patients receive convenient and quality care. 

Root Canal Therapy in Sappington

Dr. Todd Wind begins the root canal process with a consultation and builds a treatment plan for the affected tooth and area of decay. We take impressions of your smile for the in-house crafting of your crown, which is finalized within two visits. The root canal procedure is carefully completed only after patients are fully numbed and comfortable. During your treatment, decay and infected pulp are removed, and canals are filled with biocompatible material that seals the tooth from the inside. After your procedure is completed, we affix a temporary crown until the final one is completed. Then, we color match it to your existing teeth, ensuring a brilliant and uniform smile before replacing the temporary. 

Restoring Dental Function and Beauty

Our crowns are made from porcelain, which holds similar qualities as natural teeth, including their white shine and durability. They are designed to hold up to daily dental function for years and look no different from normal teeth. With cosmetically-appealing crowns, your smile is not only fully functional but beautiful again. Dr. Wind is passionate about establishing lasting oral health for his patients to create more beautiful smiles.

To find out more about root canals, contact Dr. Wind, today! Our practice is here to help you resolve tooth pain and rebuild your dental function.