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Dental Restorations in Sappington - Replace One or More Missing Teeth Today

The professionals at Todd J. Wind, DDS have a variety of dental restoration options to help improve the health and aesthetics of your smile. Whether you need a permanent restoration or traditional appliance, Dr. Wind can provide for you. Our practice is equipped with a dental lab to make, shape, or shade your restoration to specifically fit each patient’s smile.For custom restorative work, contact our practice. We keep our care as convenient as possible for patients by treating smiles and then restoring them.

Types of Restorations We Offer

With many ways to restore natural function and beauty, our office takes the time for patients to understand their options. Depending on the extent of patients’ dental needs, we will provide the appropriate restorations. 

For Decay or Trauma

Teeth decay and trauma cause damage that needs to be repaired to protect oral health and function. Composite fillings fill the space left when decay has been removed, or where damaged occurred. These restorations can last for years and match the aesthetics of natural teeth. Fillings are applied as soon as cavity treatment is complete.

Crowns repair teeth after root canal therapy or trauma. Covering a large portion of the tooth, these ensure a tooth can withstand daily use for many years. Resistant to staining and made in-office, our crowns strengthen bite function and improve esthetics. 
For Missing Teeth

Bridges and dentures are a good option for replacing teeth, particularly when individuals have poor bone density. For these patients, we fit bridges and dentures to be comfortable and beautiful. These improve your smile esthetically and prevent remaining teeth from shifting into gaps.  

A permanent option can be found in dental implants. Dr. Wind will refer you out to trusted specialists that can surgically place implants, replacing the tooth root. Once healed, we create and place the restoration from our office. 

Making Restorations In-House

Dr. Wind has equipped our dental offices with state of the art lab equipment to help make your restoration process easier and more efficient. When you need restorative work, we utilize digital scanners for accurate impressions, which allows us to precisely fashion restorations. Our in-office milling machine uses these digital impressions to make the restorations in-office. This reduces the time required for patients to receive their final crown and allows Dr. Wind to control its shape and appearance until it properly fits a patient’s smile. 

Schedule an Appointment Today

Dr. Wind and his family-friendly staff want to make every patient’s treatment care-free. If you live in the Sappington, Concord or Green Park communities and want cutting edge dental care, give our office a call to set up an appointment today.